Q: How much weight will the Pakit Rak / Receiver Carry?
A: The Pakit Rak is designed to carry a maximum of 25 lbs. which includes the weight of the bag.  Never exceed the maximum weight limit  as stated by your motorcycle manufacturer.

Q: Will the Pakit Rak carry more weight if I use a trailer hitch?
A: Yes: refer to the hitch manufacturer's weight limitations

Q: Is the bag water proof/resistant??
A: The bag is water resistant but the included bag cover is water proof.

Q: Are there special tools required to install the Receiver Brackit?
A: You will need a Roto Zip™ Bit to cut the 1" square hole for the receiver brackit.  You can purchase one of these at most hardware stores.  The one we use is a 1/8" diameter and can be used in any ¼" drill motor or dremel tool™.

Q: What models will Pakit Rak fit?
A: Currently the Pakit Rak is designed to fit primarily Goldwings GL1200, GL1500 & GL1800.  We also have kits and components to fit many other motorcycles as well.  If you don't see your motorcycle listed, please give us a call or email us and we'll let you know what we can provide.

Q: I have a 2009 Honda 1800 MotorTrike trike without a trailer hitch  Will this product work and how will it attach to the trike?
A: You would need to purchase a trailer hitch from MotorTrike that will accomodate a 1 1/4" square receiver tube.  We currently do not provide receivers for Trikes, but we do provide adapters for most of the Trike hitches to allow the Pakit Rak to slide into.

Q: We have a Kuryakyn GL 1800 hitch for a 1800 Goldwing.  It connects under the back fender and to the main frame of the bike.  Is this considered a horizontal or a vertical hitch? 
A: Kuryakans most popular hitch is a vertical hitch but to be sure; if the hitch slides UP into the receiver it's a vertical.

Q: How is the bag secured to the rack as pictures do not show any cords or straps? 
A: The bag is secured to the rak with a "lock blade" that slides through the rak and through a sleeve that is stitched and rivited to the bottom of the bag.  The lock blade is then locked into place with a small pad lock.

Q: Ordered one today,but i forgot to ask if any body see's any problems with the exhaust getting the bag hot? I have a 2008 gl1800 with stock exhaust. 
A: The stock exhaust exits out the bottom port only and will not get the bag hot.  It is also recommended to use the bag cover as it will also protect the bag.

Q: I would be interested to know if you have these for SE 1500's 
A: Yes we have them for the 1500's if you have an existing trailer hitch.

Q: What are Rubber Baby Buggy Bumpers (RBBB's)?
A: They are bumpers designed to support the GL1800 trunk lid and eliminate the rattle and chaffing that occurs on all GL1800.

Q: How hard is it to install the Rubber Baby Buggy Bumpers (RBBB's)?
A: Not hard at all.  We provide a full size template and detailed instructions telling you just what to do.

Q: Do I have to drill holes to mount the RBBB's?
A: Yes