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RIVCO™ Hitch Adapter

Pakit Rak

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RIVCO™ Hitch Adapter

Adapts The Pakit Rak luggage Rak to RIVCO™ Trailer Hitch

This adapter will slide into the RIVCO™ Trailer Hitch and allows the Pakit Rak Luggage Pan (Tray) to slide in and fastened in with the Pakit Rak hitch pin.

If you have our Pakit Rak Luggage system that was used on a previous motorcycle, you may need to purchase the new Attachment Tube designed to work with the new RIVCO™ receiver adapter.

Over the past 17 years, we have provided many different attachment configurations and therefor it's advisable to call our office to clarify which setup you need to work best with your existing Pakit Rak system.

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