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Windshield / Dash Cover GL 1500 Standard

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Windshield / Dash Cover GL 1500 Standard

Honda™ GL 1500 Windshield / Dash Cover (picture shown is GL1800, GL 1500 Simular)

Cover is made to protect your windshield and dash, the cover is designed to cover all the dash side pockets and radio controls to protect them from the damages the sun can cause.

Cover is held on by the use of elastic loops that connect to your windshield adjuster latch handles on each side of the windshield, they also have loop straps that you can close under the gas door to keep the cover inplace.

Folds to a very compact size approx. 6" x 6" x 1/2" so you can carry it werever you go and not sacrifice valuable storage space.

Made from a strong UV resistant silver water proof nylon.  We've made them silver to help reflect more heat away to further reduce the effects of the suns damaging rays.

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