Pakit Rak GL1800 For 2012 to 2017

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Pakit Rak GL1800 For 2012 to 2017

For 2012 GL1800 with NO existing trailer hitch.
Included: Receiver Brackit, Rak & Lock Blade, Attachment Tube, PR 1000 Bag & Bag Cover.

Key Benefits

  • No need for an expensive trailer hitch, But if you already have a trailer hitch we can accommodate you with our special adapters.
  • Added storage for extended trips without towing a trailer.
  • Easy on Easy off Design One Lynch Pin is all it takes!
  • Receiver Brackit Completely Hidden when not in use.
  • Does Not Block The View of Tail, Brake or Turn Signals.
  • All Parts Powder Coated High Gloss Black.

Included in Package:

Pakit Rak & Lock Blade
Designed to be light weight yet strong and sturdy.  Fabricated from 18 ga. sheet metal and stiffened with tube steel. Attachment tube is made from 1" x 1" structural tube steel.

Receiver Brackit
Specially designed for our Pakit Rak System. Easily installs with a few basic tools.  Not designed to tow a trailer.

Pakit Rak Bag PR 1000
This bag is designed and constructed for our Pakit Rak system. Over 3,000 cu. in. inside the main compartment alone. Plus you get two expandable side compartments and a front zippered compartment.
Dimensions: 21" (W) x 12" (H) x 11" (D)